Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving Things Along Noicely.....

It's been a very productive day today. On the brink of completing commissions, working on my up and coming artbook, and getting personal things out the way, I am freeing up what was previously not even a month ago a heavy life.

I hit up Adam Law's comic book "Felicity" and man that is some FUN! So much fun, I'm prompted to whip up a fanart of his main character Chastity '99' Fox

Until Next Time!

Saturday, May 30, 2009



No new art today. But, as the title of today's post states, I've had many epiphanies as of late.

I found myself that my art really has no purpose. By here said 'purpose', I mean there isn't any spine to my art. Like, it's there, but it can't stand on it's own. Now I admit, I know I'm pretty good, but I also know there's that HUGE margin for improvement (we all see that in ourselves) that I'm at the behest of. So.... here's what I plan to do.

I need to get some backbone in my work, and by that, start doing comics. Now the thing with comics is that every time I get ready to try something, like a page, or whatever, I get either a) sidetracked, or b) sidetracked. Yeah. There's this fear of messing up a panel when I start something, or I just give up and work on something else.

So, like this blog has done for me, making me a more creative individual, pumpin' this need in me to always draw something, whether it makes you fap or it's a piece of crap, just SOMETHING; I think I wanna start a Webcomic. Since I'm no where near the level of sending my stuff off to publishers for a one-shot pitch, this will be a chance for me to get critiques and the like. I really wanted to always get into comics since I was a kid, and growing up, being humbled by all the artists I've seen that did comics, but also pressured knowing I have tons to work on, has delayed my aspirations.

So, here's to a successful chance of doing comics!

In other news, I am having an artbook made for this year! WOOT! Will be 24 pages, of full color art and sketches! More news to come!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Whew, TIRED.

Man, I don't have much to say about today, other than one word:


But, I did manage to get a sketch in at work. 


Monday, May 25, 2009

Randomness to the Third Power.

What's up everyone! 

I am so happy how easy my schedule is and managing it. It's a piece of cake. It's all just hiking back up that incline and I have to say far, it's going pretty well. :)

IN other news, as much as I don't like to point out the imperfections of Apple products, I have to pick a date and take my Macbook Pro up to the Apple store, so they can replace my left USB port. It's totally not working. And it's starting to become a pain, being that Apple still didn't choose to place more than two USB ports. I've been using a 4-point hub, but it's getting annoying since I shouldn't really need that. The pros about this is that I'm still under warranty and they can just replace it for free, but the cons are that it takes a couple of days - Lord knows why, since I know they can just do it in one day. But, that's one of the flaws with Apple. Whenever I choose to do so, this blog will stay updated each day, I'll just bear a couple of days with my decapitated-but-still-working Powerbook until then. 

On to scrappy sketches:

I did this sketch earlier today before work, on the Cintiq, using the infamous "scribble" method that I love to employ so much. This is by far my best Spidey drawing, and this still looks bad. Live and learn.

These are just some random sketches and poses, particularly of a recent practice session I like to keep myself to doing regularly. Nothin' special, just a sketch of a practice session. Speaking of practice sessions:

A constant thing I struggle with, but managed to maintain a better skill with drawing the: Feet. I have, I wanna say, MILLIONS of sketches with the foot. This is just an example of how they look. Imagine pages upon pages of footwork. Yeah.... for you guys with foot fetishes. XD

Well, that's all I have for today. I'm working on some good stuff I'm not ready to show just yet, so stay tuned folks!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wow.... One Neverending day.

So after getting off of work, I ended up staying up so my wife could look for a dress for my younger brother's graduation. Yes, he graduated from High School, and I'm darn proud of him. Mostly because I slacked in high school and didn't give my parents the certain pride they deserved, so I'm glad he didn't follow in my footsteps. Buuuut.... back to the day.

The thing is I woke up the night before at 7:30pm, went to work at 11pm, got off at 7am, went back home, dealt with the dog for like an hour and an half, went to the mall, got dressed, went to the graduation at 1pm, graduation was god-awfully long at a strong two and a half hours, left the place, the infamous 290 (Eisenhower Expressway) was backed up as usual, so had to take the streets back to a TGIFriday's in a suburban area (far from the city), ate food, got back home at 7pm, went to sleep for 3 hours.... and after all that, I'm back at work.

..... yeeeeuh.

Well, on a good note, I have art for you guys to see. :)

A recent quickie sketch of one of my many inspirations in art, Rockman (or Megaman for you American people). This took about 10 minutes on the Cintiq during warm-ups. I love drawing Megaman, and if you can notice closely, my Rat Rage characters, especially Rai, is heavily influenced by Megaman.

This was just another random chick drawing. Seriously, chicks consume about 80% of my sketches all around, so be prepared to see a lot of them. Why? Because women are fun to draw.

This last one is a sketch of my bud Chamba's character, Melody Frial of Randomveus, that I did a month ago. Her design is fun, so every now and then, I'll catch myself sketchin' her.

Well, that's all I have for tonight. Until next time...


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Failed Sketches, Volume 1.

So I haven't drawn anything today, I was actually beat down. So I took it easy and got my rest before I went to work. I'm actually at work now, but I've tapped into my reservoir of badly drawn images, just so I can keep up with my postings.

These first set of images, are some quick doodles of girly girls. The second being more impressionist than the norm. XD Grade A crappiness. :) But I did find some acceptable imagery of Rat Rage gals in my drive. 

Don't you just love Nini's cuteness?

And here's Chase Bataka, Ruby's partner and love interest, badly drawn on a bike.

Last but not least for today/tonight (wherever you are on the planet at the moment), are some designs of an RPG game I was designing for fun. The characters are based on real life counterparts, such as myself (the first one named Kay) and my wife and some other friends I know. I really want to finish developing ideas for this, but alas, I may never come to it. :( Oh well. There's always another day.

Well, until next time folks! Tomorrow I shall have more goodness for you! Peeshout! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

To Start Things Off Nicely...

So, here it goes.

Been doing tons of drawing. I have this block that keeps tryna overpower me. But I WILL NOT LET IT GET THE BEST OF ME! Nuh-UH!

Well, I've been  designing layouts for prints this year. And amongst that designing, I found I have a fetish for drawing Kei from Dirty Pair. Maybe it's the hair? Hmmm... That HAS to be why...

The first one I really went wild on, makes her look like a rooster. The second one, just playing around with the posing. And the third, I actually took some time on it. I started feeling the curly look of her hair on the third one, typically 'cuz it never has been done before. On to the next stuff...

Designing the blog header image was a stump to me, so I chose to use none other than my most popular OC, Ruby.

Number 1 wasn't the pick of the litter for me... Obviously, 'cuz it's a vertical image. Really didn't wanna work with that.

But number 2 DID make it! And the result is what you see on top of the blog! :)

Last, but not least, is a crappy drawing of Ichigo from Bleach.
Again, another failed attempt at a pose and anything having to do with the term posture in the art world. Plus, I was totally effin' up the hands and the hilt position. So, it's scrapped. One day, I'll draw a legit Ichigo image.

Well, that's it for now! HOLLER!