Saturday, May 23, 2009

Failed Sketches, Volume 1.

So I haven't drawn anything today, I was actually beat down. So I took it easy and got my rest before I went to work. I'm actually at work now, but I've tapped into my reservoir of badly drawn images, just so I can keep up with my postings.

These first set of images, are some quick doodles of girly girls. The second being more impressionist than the norm. XD Grade A crappiness. :) But I did find some acceptable imagery of Rat Rage gals in my drive. 

Don't you just love Nini's cuteness?

And here's Chase Bataka, Ruby's partner and love interest, badly drawn on a bike.

Last but not least for today/tonight (wherever you are on the planet at the moment), are some designs of an RPG game I was designing for fun. The characters are based on real life counterparts, such as myself (the first one named Kay) and my wife and some other friends I know. I really want to finish developing ideas for this, but alas, I may never come to it. :( Oh well. There's always another day.

Well, until next time folks! Tomorrow I shall have more goodness for you! Peeshout! 


  1. The first sketch and the first one of Nini's are great!
    You should continue that RPG designs! they rock!! ;) Cheers!

  2. your girls are so curvy and cuddly! I love how how they're all round around the curves, makes you want to go up them them and squish them!