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Artists I Enjoy and Frequently Visit
Coran "Kizer" Stone
-My boy Kizer is one mean dude! Very slick linework, insane exaggeration, and lovely play on some of the most popular characters!
Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz
-Chamba is a beast. His work ethic always floors me, and he's the King of Dynamics (IMO). Check out his Street Fighter stuff, jeez, check him out period. He's done pretty much almost everything.
Royce "Fooray" Southerland
-Another homie of mine, who's insane with the sketches! He murders things when it comes to marker sketches, but he also has a super-filled gallery full of goodness. He also makes a good JAM partner. :D
Julia Davis
-This girl is such a dope artist! She has a very wispy and calm style of coloring her images. She even makes my drawings look good! Her grasp of paint techniques friggin' ASTOUND me.
Justin Copeland
-I met Justin and his bros a few years back at Chicago Con, and he always been giving me a good slap in  the face when I needed it. But he kills it on Backgrounds, and got the Western comic style downpat! Check him, yo!
Chris Copeland
-Another 1/3 of the Copeland brothers, Chris is just all-around creative and adventurous when it comes to art. Character design is very dope, with a very graffiti-esque atmosphere to his work. Also, check his character HIM. We're all waiting on Him.
Matt Humphreys
-An artist I met a while back on dA, Matt has a lovely cartoony pinup style! His gals are the best! He's a big source of inspiration to me, so I jump in his gallery every now and then to suck in all the goodness. :)
Jeff Wamester
-This guy here, he's a different kinda beast. Very versatile, and has a strong work ethic. I enjoy everything this dude puts out. His ladies aren't bad either. :)
Rose Besch
-She always blows me away with her colors, and strong Anime influenced style- but her style is so solid, you can tell off the bat that that's Barachan. Must watch.
-This guy bounces in and out, but I always crave his next artdump. I mean, he's just very articulate, loose, and flowy with his linework. And his shapes are always something that gets me. 
Hugh Freeman
-Hugh is a beast as well, from the land of Oz! Very animated style, crazy shapes, and colorful coloring; you'd be crazy not to keep a watch on him.
Ronzo Murphy
-The man who created Squeek (and Shred), I met him a couple of years back on dA, and he even let me have rights to cameo Squeek as a regular character in Rat Rage! This dude is big in the anthro community, and he has a WIDE range of characters! (Both literally and figuratively.)
Rickard, the Drunken Novice
-This dude recently joined dA, smashing his solid style from day one. Cartoony pinup girls is his strength, but dude really knocks it out the ballpark with his candy colors and schlick lines.

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