Friday, May 22, 2009

To Start Things Off Nicely...

So, here it goes.

Been doing tons of drawing. I have this block that keeps tryna overpower me. But I WILL NOT LET IT GET THE BEST OF ME! Nuh-UH!

Well, I've been  designing layouts for prints this year. And amongst that designing, I found I have a fetish for drawing Kei from Dirty Pair. Maybe it's the hair? Hmmm... That HAS to be why...

The first one I really went wild on, makes her look like a rooster. The second one, just playing around with the posing. And the third, I actually took some time on it. I started feeling the curly look of her hair on the third one, typically 'cuz it never has been done before. On to the next stuff...

Designing the blog header image was a stump to me, so I chose to use none other than my most popular OC, Ruby.

Number 1 wasn't the pick of the litter for me... Obviously, 'cuz it's a vertical image. Really didn't wanna work with that.

But number 2 DID make it! And the result is what you see on top of the blog! :)

Last, but not least, is a crappy drawing of Ichigo from Bleach.
Again, another failed attempt at a pose and anything having to do with the term posture in the art world. Plus, I was totally effin' up the hands and the hilt position. So, it's scrapped. One day, I'll draw a legit Ichigo image.

Well, that's it for now! HOLLER!


  1. Hiya, robaato! I'm going to follow you on this blog of yours! ;) (And don't forget to update the BF's blog too! xD)

  2. Haha, yeah I know - I'ma try and have totally completely different stuff between this one and BF. XD

  3. nice vertical sketch i think you should finish one anyway jus cuz it adds a little more pinache to some of youre character poses. do yer thing doh.keep bangin bro!!!!

  4. I usually find Peach annoying, but you made her look so much better! I also love your Latina character for your header, verreh nice!

  5. Yo. Good to know you finally decided to get yo ass a blog my nigga! Word!. Will be keeping a tab on you nigga, like Chomba or whatever his DA name is. L8ter...Keep yo ass afloat in this crazy economic worldpool my nigga...I'm out!