Monday, May 25, 2009

Randomness to the Third Power.

What's up everyone! 

I am so happy how easy my schedule is and managing it. It's a piece of cake. It's all just hiking back up that incline and I have to say far, it's going pretty well. :)

IN other news, as much as I don't like to point out the imperfections of Apple products, I have to pick a date and take my Macbook Pro up to the Apple store, so they can replace my left USB port. It's totally not working. And it's starting to become a pain, being that Apple still didn't choose to place more than two USB ports. I've been using a 4-point hub, but it's getting annoying since I shouldn't really need that. The pros about this is that I'm still under warranty and they can just replace it for free, but the cons are that it takes a couple of days - Lord knows why, since I know they can just do it in one day. But, that's one of the flaws with Apple. Whenever I choose to do so, this blog will stay updated each day, I'll just bear a couple of days with my decapitated-but-still-working Powerbook until then. 

On to scrappy sketches:

I did this sketch earlier today before work, on the Cintiq, using the infamous "scribble" method that I love to employ so much. This is by far my best Spidey drawing, and this still looks bad. Live and learn.

These are just some random sketches and poses, particularly of a recent practice session I like to keep myself to doing regularly. Nothin' special, just a sketch of a practice session. Speaking of practice sessions:

A constant thing I struggle with, but managed to maintain a better skill with drawing the: Feet. I have, I wanna say, MILLIONS of sketches with the foot. This is just an example of how they look. Imagine pages upon pages of footwork. Yeah.... for you guys with foot fetishes. XD

Well, that's all I have for today. I'm working on some good stuff I'm not ready to show just yet, so stay tuned folks!


  1. Foot foot foot! I like the foot in the top middle best! Also love the expression of the fairy girl too, she looks amazed!

  2. The Spider-man is crazy awesome, man. Fantastic work with the hatching! Your style with proportions even manages to shine through a completely masked character like that, haha.

    I should probably force myself into doing practice sessions. Would probably help for when I can't seem to come up with a good pose for a drawing.