Saturday, May 30, 2009



No new art today. But, as the title of today's post states, I've had many epiphanies as of late.

I found myself that my art really has no purpose. By here said 'purpose', I mean there isn't any spine to my art. Like, it's there, but it can't stand on it's own. Now I admit, I know I'm pretty good, but I also know there's that HUGE margin for improvement (we all see that in ourselves) that I'm at the behest of. So.... here's what I plan to do.

I need to get some backbone in my work, and by that, start doing comics. Now the thing with comics is that every time I get ready to try something, like a page, or whatever, I get either a) sidetracked, or b) sidetracked. Yeah. There's this fear of messing up a panel when I start something, or I just give up and work on something else.

So, like this blog has done for me, making me a more creative individual, pumpin' this need in me to always draw something, whether it makes you fap or it's a piece of crap, just SOMETHING; I think I wanna start a Webcomic. Since I'm no where near the level of sending my stuff off to publishers for a one-shot pitch, this will be a chance for me to get critiques and the like. I really wanted to always get into comics since I was a kid, and growing up, being humbled by all the artists I've seen that did comics, but also pressured knowing I have tons to work on, has delayed my aspirations.

So, here's to a successful chance of doing comics!

In other news, I am having an artbook made for this year! WOOT! Will be 24 pages, of full color art and sketches! More news to come!


  1. Dude, I wish you all the luck. There will be haters. People who just can't enjoy the art and story and just harp on a minuscule error; if any exists.

    I've talked to people who've tried to do and have done comics and both have said it's time consuming. It can get frustrating, but when you put out something you're proud of, it will be worth it.

    Any idea what the webcomic will be about ?

  2. Best of luck with the web-comic. I hope that you learn a good bit from the endeavor and that you're satisfied with the work that you produce.