Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wondrous Prisoner

Hey, a quick post today. A new Wonder Woman I sketched at work last night. I really didn't have any time to scan this one. Or the Cody sketches as well. But, figure I post 'em all the same to keep with my daily goal. These were done with no ref, from the top of the head. I might use that Wonder Woman later on... See ya tomorrow!
Oh, by the way -- been reading the reviews for Mario Galaxy 2.... I NEED THAT GAME!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sketchbook Stuff

My wife's family dog, Tails, was put to sleep after 17 years of loyalty today. 'Tis a bittersweet day for us.

These are some sketches I managed to work up last night. Started to play around with different dynamic figures. All of these are from the head, as usual. I think I need to start studying from various references now. Warning: There are few character cameos in this post, by the way.

Until Next Time. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sketchbook Stuff

I'm getting closer to my goal, each and every day. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Did a 10 minute Jam with Kat earlier, and I picked Cyclops. The actual finished-at-time drawing can be seen here. Here's the touched up version, as I forgot pouches and wanted to add some more shading to it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Power's Back - Powered Up.

Here's some samples of the sketchbook stuff I've been doing while power was out. Nothing great, just some figures off the head and gesture drawings. These were done in pen, by the way. Just uppin' my fluidity.

I also managed to draw Rogue from Power Stone with no reference too. I'm amazed at how much of her design I remembered. Power Stone had such amazing designs. Gonna draw some other Power Stone characters, methinks. :)
Power's back on obviously, or else you wouldn't be seeing these now- now to clean out the fridge. TT____TT

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Negative Situations Positive

Well, returning from work yesterday, I was very excited and ready to break my artistic block, only to have my power cut off by the great tyrannical power company.

For starters, I would say that I'm what they call literally a 'starving artist'. My wife and I have practically been struggling, and I tend to not tell people and I usually keep things to myself- even possessing a positive demeanor when everything is falling down around me.

Deep down inside, I'm really a negative person to myself. I need to start seriously staying positive, even though I fake it.

I have a new job interview today (it's crazy how those things are so hard to obtain nowadays) and hopefully it'll put us above water if I get said job. I'm hoping and praying right now. It's to the extent where we're scraping for money, just to make the rent and stuff, only to be stabbed by another bill. I tend to always get the short end of the stick with job related matters, and it sucks. I would even say this is happening so much, that I'm getting a bit callous of the after effects from it. Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, though.

But making this positive, I'm still going to draw while I can. Having no power will help with having no distractions. So I guess that's good.

Wish me the best on this interview today, guys.

PS. I'm writing this through my phone, btw. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sketchbook Stuff, Part 1 of I Don't Know How Many...

So, since I promised that I will not neglect this blog and put more stuff up that I won't pertain to dA, I figure I'd stick to my word.

Nothing special to the right other than just being some figure sketches. I have a lot more to put up here, but I'm going to start posting mass figure studies here and there. This is pretty much boring, whacked-out randomness going that I sketched at work.

I really want to up my gesture sketching, as I've been neglecting doing that for a while; y'know, being pent up with the stress and all. I find doing gestures to be a tad bit stress relieving, and it keeps the gears oiled. I don't like coming back from a 1-2 week long hiatus from the table, only to feel rusty as a car that's not garage-kept for decades.

So I've been reading a few blogs that talks about staying productive artistically, especially the guys at The Art Center, who have amounts of ideas and tons of inspiration seeping daily. But I need to get back to being as loosey goosey like they, are not to be so hung up on details.

Next is a Batgirl sketch I did over the course of a couple of days. My rendering completely sucks now, but I really want to get back into doing it. Just gotta remember to not smudge and buy me a can of Fixative so they don't mess up.

I might sell this original later on, we'll see.

And lastly for this post, are some spontaneous mermaid gals.  I like drawing Mermaids. ^___^ But I'm not a fruitcake. *seriousface*

That's it for now. PEACE.

PS. I noticed I write WAYY too much in my blog posts.... >______>

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Out Of Line

Well, I really wanna start making my own personal lil flair and niche. I've been doing some ink/line tests again with Sketchbook Pro.

I really want to get rid of the perfectionist attitude, trying to treat my linework all perfect and whatnot. I'm just gonna draw them in a whatever fashion. I like the outcome of it, so I think I'm gonna stick with it. It's good to have multiple avenues of lining work anyway, methinks.

I like the sketchy look that I managed to keep intact. Lining in SBPro pushes me to "sketch" my lines, something I fail to do with a pencil or pen (I actually have to be more cautious, careful, and have a steady arm when I line that way.

The other plus side to this is that it'll take significantly lesser time to flat when I color. I'm a fan of color holding my lines, so emphasis won't have to be put on lasso'ing right outside the lines and whatnot when flatting, which can be painstakingly tedious and boring.

All in all, expect some personal changes to my work. Sometimes. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marveled Out

Okay, so I went to see Iron Man 2 earlier today. Feels good to get out of the house and just chill for a couple of hours in a theater. I haven't read any reviews before seeing it, but all in all, I was happy AND impressed with it. I consider the Iron Man franchise to be my 3rd favorite Marvel franchise (Spiderman is my 1st and X-Men is my 2nd, albeit the X-Men/Wolverine movies are considered horrible to me, I rather stick to the comics - I was a BIG "Uncanny" fan growing up).

Despite my few direct hits towards Superheroes and mainstream comics in my comments and stuff, I really don't have a big disdain for the genre as most people think. All in all, I DID grow up on Marvel and DC before even seeing anything from the Orient. I have to say it was the reason that kept me drawing until I met the proper motivation (the Japanese style). I used to create superheroes of my own when I was a kid (in which are terrible designs I would consider nowadays, but we all have a majority of horrible designs when we were kids, so that doesn't really matter), and I enjoyed creating them. So I'm not all mean-faced towards superhero stuff. It's just I find it boring to draw most of the time now.

But I'm starting to get back into it, now that there's been a few things recently that are re-sparking my interest. Marvel VS. Capcom 3 is coming next year, so that's giving me the umph to get back into 'em. I picked up the Ultimates TPBs a few months back, and after reading them, I've been spiked from them. And there have been also a few figures that have been sparking my interest, since I'm an aspiring statue collector.

I REALLY want this Dark Phoenix statue that's coming out later in August this year. I mean, just look at her. Awesomesauce. I always loved the idea of combining the East with the West, and this is no exception to the rule. They also have a regular Phoenix too, but the Dark version just looks much more hardcore.This WILL be among my collection.

Speaking of Iron Man 2, the same company recently released this Mark IV statue, that I MUST get. This one really made my eyes light up (both figuratively and literally, as he got the LED lights to prove it). It's over a hundred bucks, but hopefully, when I get back on my feet, I'll be able to grab him.

(They're also running a Japanese-esque Black Widow that's been out a while that I've been wanting to get as well.)

Figures aside, this has motivated me to start trying my hand in combining styles. I really want to get back into drawing heroes again, maybe these recent surges of events can help me in doing so. :)