Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Power's Back - Powered Up.

Here's some samples of the sketchbook stuff I've been doing while power was out. Nothing great, just some figures off the head and gesture drawings. These were done in pen, by the way. Just uppin' my fluidity.

I also managed to draw Rogue from Power Stone with no reference too. I'm amazed at how much of her design I remembered. Power Stone had such amazing designs. Gonna draw some other Power Stone characters, methinks. :)
Power's back on obviously, or else you wouldn't be seeing these now- now to clean out the fridge. TT____TT


  1. I thought I was the only Power Stone Fan:)

    By the way are you finished with my commisions yet?

  2. This is an asinine question, but what sources do you typically look to for your figure drawing exercises? I need to bone up on exactly this, but I seem to have bad luck finding references that are varied and numerous enough to matter.

  3. @Fusspot Usually I look up some blogs of other artists (especially those in the animation industry) and see how they go about doing figure studies. One guy that really strikes me with doing this is Brian Wong - the link to his blog is on the side there.

    All those were done off the top of my head, but finding inspiration is really what drives me.