Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Negative Situations Positive

Well, returning from work yesterday, I was very excited and ready to break my artistic block, only to have my power cut off by the great tyrannical power company.

For starters, I would say that I'm what they call literally a 'starving artist'. My wife and I have practically been struggling, and I tend to not tell people and I usually keep things to myself- even possessing a positive demeanor when everything is falling down around me.

Deep down inside, I'm really a negative person to myself. I need to start seriously staying positive, even though I fake it.

I have a new job interview today (it's crazy how those things are so hard to obtain nowadays) and hopefully it'll put us above water if I get said job. I'm hoping and praying right now. It's to the extent where we're scraping for money, just to make the rent and stuff, only to be stabbed by another bill. I tend to always get the short end of the stick with job related matters, and it sucks. I would even say this is happening so much, that I'm getting a bit callous of the after effects from it. Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, though.

But making this positive, I'm still going to draw while I can. Having no power will help with having no distractions. So I guess that's good.

Wish me the best on this interview today, guys.

PS. I'm writing this through my phone, btw. :)


  1. Good luck, Sir! Knock 'em dead, but not literally, cuz that'd be illegal.

  2. I hope your job interview went well, man. And I hope you got the job, too.

  3. Oh man. I wish you the best of luck with work and getting through that sticky situation.