Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Out Of Line

Well, I really wanna start making my own personal lil flair and niche. I've been doing some ink/line tests again with Sketchbook Pro.

I really want to get rid of the perfectionist attitude, trying to treat my linework all perfect and whatnot. I'm just gonna draw them in a whatever fashion. I like the outcome of it, so I think I'm gonna stick with it. It's good to have multiple avenues of lining work anyway, methinks.

I like the sketchy look that I managed to keep intact. Lining in SBPro pushes me to "sketch" my lines, something I fail to do with a pencil or pen (I actually have to be more cautious, careful, and have a steady arm when I line that way.

The other plus side to this is that it'll take significantly lesser time to flat when I color. I'm a fan of color holding my lines, so emphasis won't have to be put on lasso'ing right outside the lines and whatnot when flatting, which can be painstakingly tedious and boring.

All in all, expect some personal changes to my work. Sometimes. :)


  1. Nice linework. What type of brush did you end up using for it and how big is the pic itself?

    Knees seem a little low, but that may just be where her dress middle flap thing starts at versus where her boots start and its just an illusion.

    Nice character pose for her dude~

    Chris / Alucard2358

  2. Color Holding? Never heard of that technique before but I would sure like to find out about it. Do you have any tips on how to perform it?

  3. @Chris - Thanks man. I just used the pencil brush slightly modified and I lined it at 300 DPI.

    @Bigralph Color holding is just coloring the lines with the adjacent flat. Not having the straight-black look, but a colored look.