Monday, May 17, 2010

Sketchbook Stuff, Part 1 of I Don't Know How Many...

So, since I promised that I will not neglect this blog and put more stuff up that I won't pertain to dA, I figure I'd stick to my word.

Nothing special to the right other than just being some figure sketches. I have a lot more to put up here, but I'm going to start posting mass figure studies here and there. This is pretty much boring, whacked-out randomness going that I sketched at work.

I really want to up my gesture sketching, as I've been neglecting doing that for a while; y'know, being pent up with the stress and all. I find doing gestures to be a tad bit stress relieving, and it keeps the gears oiled. I don't like coming back from a 1-2 week long hiatus from the table, only to feel rusty as a car that's not garage-kept for decades.

So I've been reading a few blogs that talks about staying productive artistically, especially the guys at The Art Center, who have amounts of ideas and tons of inspiration seeping daily. But I need to get back to being as loosey goosey like they, are not to be so hung up on details.

Next is a Batgirl sketch I did over the course of a couple of days. My rendering completely sucks now, but I really want to get back into doing it. Just gotta remember to not smudge and buy me a can of Fixative so they don't mess up.

I might sell this original later on, we'll see.

And lastly for this post, are some spontaneous mermaid gals.  I like drawing Mermaids. ^___^ But I'm not a fruitcake. *seriousface*

That's it for now. PEACE.

PS. I noticed I write WAYY too much in my blog posts.... >______>


  1. came by to visit the blog from DA cuz...i like Batgirl's butt! /:'

  2. Did you ever think about buying a Smudgeguard to keep from smudging your work? Not needed, but it does come in handy. Also works really well for working on a tablet/Cintiq.