Monday, April 12, 2010

One Week Ago...

... I took steps to give myself a new... self.

Week one of the 'New Robaato' has passed and I'm feelin' good! Despite the regular crap that goes on in my life, I'm surprised that I've managed to keep up with my goals! Which is all that matters to me. Life will hit you hard, but if you roll with those punches, you'll feel even more stronger. : )

Let's get on to the art:
My wife is creating a story, simply going by the name of "Fuschia" (working title). The lead character, obviously, is Fuschia Vidal (pronounced Foo'Shee'Ah Vee'Dahl, not like the color Fuchsia), who's on the run because of a family conspiracy that interlinks with a war between 4 neighboring planets. I must say, it's been such an experience working with my wife on this, as I'm learning more about her ideas and fantasies that she loves to think about. It's really fun when your closest acquaintance and the one you love can work together on something. :)

I'm going to start posting some tidbits of her, her planet, and various character designs that we have planned to show. It's going to be much fun- in that I haven't created a character from scratch in YEARS (all my characters existing and the ones you don't know about have been created years ago).

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen these on dA. I drew these because I AM doing a Final Fantasy 13 print (it's pretty obvious now, heh). I had to draw their faces to map out how I'm going to draw them in that print. I like how they came out. Going to be a fun print, mmhmm, mmhmm.

Well, that's all I'm going to say for this post. I'll divide the art posting throughout the week. Hope all is well!

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