Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I can draw dudes too.... Can I?

Something's been buggin' me for a while.

I'm always commissioned female characters. Like, 95% of inquiries are females. Not that I'm hating on that, I DO need the money. But it sucks that I can't get any type of play when I draw dudes. Am I really known as a "chic artist"?

Really, it's not something of a big deal, but I'm going to go on a strict "drawing dude" regimen.

No sketches today. But just a thought.



  1. Interesting thought there. I will have to keep this in mind...

  2. Well I was thinking of having a guy in a future commish anyway XP

  3. if I ever the scratch ill have you do Dante from Devil May Cry or the main character from Darker Than Black

  4. It's just that you draw chicks so well.

    If you want a dude commission, I got one for a future commission. The baddest dude in Archie's Sonic Universe, Knuckles the Echidna.

    It would be him manly grieving over the loss of his father, Locke. While Locke's spirit looks on from behind.

  5. @Josh Yeah, I would want equal advancement. XD

    @Evafreak That's good man! I'm all for it! (As you know now... Hehehe)

    @Otaku Dante would be bossin' AND fun to draw up!

    @ThaMan Hahaha, I guess but the only way I'm able to draw chics good is because that's all I'm commissioned! XD And a Knuckles piece would be dope to work on!