Friday, April 09, 2010

BUSY!! Gotta Stay busy. :)

Hey guys! I missed a day on the blog here, but that's due to me just taking this work out! Which is good! So I'm not neglecting. :)

Now, after using this schedule thing for the first time this week, I pretty much gauged how much work I can actually do each day. So people who didn't get their stuff in accordance to the schedule will get switched around properly; now that I know what I can do in a given day. :) I really like this schedule system. :)

I also will take the time to put a little summary of my process of Toshinho's Blade Collector I drew and colored. This is mainly the parts I did before coloring the pic on my Livestream.

1. So here's the base sketch. I usually sketch real rough and loose, and a lot of things can be hard to decipher upon looking at my initial sketch (other than the gal). But on this one, instead of a thumbnail, I started on regular printer paper, and found out I wanted to draw more towards the bottom, so I attached another paper to the bottom to follow through.
2. I then scanned the sketch in, turned it into a Cyan color via Photoshop, lightened it enough so I can see it, and printed it out on 11x17 paper. (You can still see the faint blue lines from the scan...) I then carefully started lining the picture with a 0.3 H Pencil. (I like using H because it has a nice black level and it doesn't smudge.)

3. The Blade Collector is practically finished here, I then started on adding the various weapons and swords, being even more careful with the lines.
4. I got half of the swords in there, and I'm still adding details. This process took about 2 hours (after drawing Sunny).

5. And I'm done with the lineart! I scanned it in after, leveled it out, and prepared it for coloring by adding values. (I showed how did this all on my Livestream lastnight, so if you wanna see it, click here! The whole picture took 9 hours to do, but that information is explained directly in the beginning so you really don't have to wait long!
6. And after 9 hours of coloring in Photoshop on the Cintiq, this is the result! Remember you can check my Livestream to watch the process. I recorded it. :) I have entertaining video game music and commentary as well to keep you occupied. :)

Other than that, until next time people!

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