Monday, April 05, 2010

Oh Yesh!

OH YESH! It's time to update that blog again!

Had a great weekend. I don't care much for Easter, so I just worked as usual at the hotel. I did a few sketches while I was there.

Here's a thumbnail drawing of a Witchblade commission I just did. Usually, I do very small drawings like these (which is about a 2 to 3 inches high usually). I then scan it in, turn it cyan, blow it up in Photoshop in adjustment to the paper size, and print it out again and draw over it in more detail. This is actually my current process with everything. Rinse and repeat, yo.

This just an assortment of Ruby sketches did over the past few weeks. I haven't drawn her that much like I used to, and I was kinda rusty on her face and stuff. I also did some quick sketches of her frame, pictured on the right. So sorry for the slight inconsistencies, just getting a feel drawing her again - gonna need to since Erratic is in production.

Look! A ME meme. That sounds dope! ME Meme... MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME... Just one of the pages I have been doing where I draw myself in all sorts of ways, doing various things. Pictured here, I'm mixing my favorite drink (you know what it is!!!!), getting spawnkilled by Snipers in Bad Company 2, posin' with my wifey, and me in my assassin garb. (It's true, I'm a member of the Assassin's Guild and I hop into the Animus every now and then to help people getting bullied by the Templars.)

Until next time! RO!

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