Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Link to the Past...

But this has nothing to do with Zelda. -____-

I figure I put some older stuff I found on my old computer. Nothing too special, just a filler post.

This is just a WIP of the Brave Fencer Musashi piece I did a couple of years back. I figure it was interesting to show this because I was totally heading in a different direction at the beginning of the piece. It also shows my horrible composition skills at the time. (I'm still not all that impressed with my current composition skills, but hey, I'm still learning. :) )  Since this was my first outing on doing everything completely digital, it was also a handicap for me as well, as laying out on computer is totally different than pencil and paper. But all in all, it was a milestone for me, and I still like the piece- despite it's horrible composition. XD

That's all for today. Just a look-in-the-past-and-realize-how-much-more-you-sucked-back-then-compared-to-how-much-you-suck-today post. ^___^

Stay frosty, folks! 


  1. I don't think it's such a bad WIP. In fact, it's better than what I could do. MUCH better, in fact

  2. Everyone likes a filler... right? =)
    Looks nice to be an old piece.
    Composition yeah, I have to practise that as well, I know close to nothing about the subject, just what "feels" right.
    I think your compositions looks pretty sweet though.

    Sorry if this became a dubble post, Google issues.

  3. I thought the finished piece was one of your coolest pieces. You made me wanna play this game. Such a shame I missed out on it. D: