Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Yes, it's been a while. Had a pretty busy week and a half - I got the job by the way. :D I'll explain more in my dA journal.
First is a Lara Croft sketch I did on my last night at my previous job. I was just playing around with the rendering more, since I seldom attempt to do tight rendering like so. I used a 0.5 HB and 4H pencils altogether.

The second is a quick sketch study that I always wanted to try. I want to get into different rendering styles and such, focusing more on painting - because I don't have to focus so much on the quality of the line work and tedious flatting. 

I know it isn't anything great, as I rushed a lot of things (hair highlights, etc.), but I was just playing around with coloring over the line art (or using the line art as a guide lightly). This is highly influenced by Krenz's style. I always wanted to try a rendering style like his, and I know it's no where near like his finished stuff, but I kinda deciphered how he goes about doing it. Gonna keep playing around and see what I can dig up. :)

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  1. Gotta say, I like the fact that you're experimenting with different things. Love the work you're doing. Keep it up, man.